About the JECY Foundation

The Jaclyn Elisse Cares for Youth Foundation, Inc., provides youths, regardless of Race, Color, Sexual Preference, or Religious Origins, with the knowledge of Teen Domestic Violence.  Our foundation focuses on raising awareness and provides educational information on becoming informed of “Red Flags” which may cause a youth to become involved in a negative relationship and empower our youth to develop “Healthy Relationships”.  Prevention of Teen Domestic Violence is the main purpose of our efforts.

We conduct 2 Yearly events as fundraising for our cause.  The first is our 5K Walk/Run for Respect where all participants over the age of 12 are charged a registration fee to take part.  Participants under the age of 12, are able to participate free of charge. At the event, we provide educational material and introduce Community Speakers that are experts in the area of Domestic Violence.  We also team up with multiple organizations, community agencies and other foundations concerned with the well being of our youth.

Our second event is the “Jaclyn Elisse Torrealba Gala Night” where we provide our supporters a special night filled with Food, Beverages, Raffles and Music for a minimal cost.  The event is held at a Banquet Hall where Formal Attire is required. At the Gala, we have guest speakers that are professionals in the area of Teen Domestic Violence.  This event strengthens and brings forth awareness of this rising epidemic that is Teen Domestic Violence. 

With these two events, we are able to continue to help Jaclyn Elisse Cares for Youth Foundation, Inc. raise proceeds to donate towards The Jaclyn Elisse Torrealba Scholarship at Florida International University (FIU)  as well as to the Love Is Respect Organization; a national Teen Domestic Violence Prevention Agency and help hotline. 

Meet our Team

Vilma Castro PhD. LMFT
President of JECY Foundation
Erika Lucena
Vice-President of JECY Foundation
Priscilla Perez BSN, RN
Treasurer of JECY Foundation
Miriam Dreize
Treasurer of JECY Foundation
Maria Elena Arguelles, PhD
Secretary of JECY Foundation
Kattia Castellanos
JECY Foundation Spokesperson

Coral Gables Police Department
Victims Advocate
Crime Specialist.